Storage on the Spot...

provides storage units to a wide variety of businesses, organization, municipalities, and individuals. Some of the uses are:

Athletic Fields

Plumbing Supply Houses

Building Supply Stores

Any Retail Business

Horse Stables


Redemption Centers

Records Storage

Fence Companies


Residential Renovations

Commercial Building Projects

Rail Yards

Trucking Terminals

Car Sales Lot

Highway Projects



Moving & Storage Companies


Utility Contractors

Bridge Construction







The New England Leader in Portable Storage

Q: What are the different size containers/trailers you provide?
A: We rent/sell 20 ft. and 40 ft. Ground Level Containers and also have trailers from 28 ft. to 48 ft. available.

Q: Do the ground level containers need to be blocked off the ground?
A: Not necessarily, but if it is a help to the customer for the purposes of fork truck ramps etc., that's OK too!

Q: Are the Ground Level Containers vented?
A: Yes, most all of our Ground Level Containers are vented, most trailers are not.

Q: What colors are your products?
A: All of our Ground Level Storage Containers and most of our trailers are gray, however we can paint the equipment different colors for your specific needs upon request.

Q: How large is the delivery truck?
A: The delivery truck for the ground level 20 ft. boxes is either a simple ramp truck such as the car carrier tow trucks you see on the road every day, or our custom built tilt deck trailer towed by a pickup truck. The Storage Trailers are delivered with a conventional tractor, and the 40 ft ground level boxes are delivered with a conventional tractor towing a 52 ft. Landoll Trailer. This hydraulic trailer requires approximately a 140' straight pull away from the container. Please be sure we have the room.

Q: How do we pay you?
A: Standard procedure is for the first and last months rental fee, as well as any delivery or pick-up charges to be paid in advance or upon delivery. We accept Master Card and Visa for your convenience.

Q: What if we don't pay our bill?
A: Our standard procedure is to remove our equipment from your property when your account is 60 day's overdue. We shall also have the right to all of the contents of the container or trailer and auction it off to settle your balance with our company. You will also be responsible for all costs associated with this process.

Q: How do we place an order?
A: You may give us a call on the phone at 1-877-908-SPOT (7768), or fill out the contact form here on our Web Site and one of our associates will get back to you.


1-877-908-SPOT (7768)





For your added convenience we also accept:

Credit Cards